Some pundits claim that email marketing is dead. That could not be further from the truth. And the statistics are showing a very different story! That email marketing has, in fact, evolved with consumers preferring highly curated, and more informative, spam-free emails.

And what is even more prominent is that emails serve as one of the most effective means of marketing, 40X more efficient than Twitter or Facebook at acquiring new customers. The data has also shown that more adults use their emails than ever before, so you understand why a good email marketing strategy is vital for the success of any business.

When considering a successful email marketing strategy, it is important to consider a few things.

1. Know Your Email List

Your email list refers to the people you are targeting with your email marketing strategy. Are they possible donors you are hoping to solicit funds from, are they potential customers you are trying to tell about your brand, or are they old customers whose loyalty you are trying to maintain? Whatever the case, it is important to ensure you understand who is on your email list and create content suitable for them.

2. Curate your Email Content

When sending a marketing email, it is important to check your content. After understanding your prospective clientele, it is also essential to know what you will tell them. Emails are a very direct form of marketing as this person has trusted you with personal information about themselves. There is then an expectation from you as the email marketer to ensure that you offer content that is relative, informative, honest, and up to date with the continually changing market.

3. Email Content Spam Checker

Individuals emails are constantly buzzing with new messages, some important, some insightful and others possibly harmful. It is then not difficult to see why your email sent to a potential client’s inbox runs the risk of getting thrown into the spam folder. This is, however, counterproductive for you in business as you are then unable to pass the message you have worked so hard to create for your clients.

To avoid the risk of having your emails trashed in the spam box, you can use an email content spam checker. This tool aids email marketers to review their newsletter or marketing briefs and ensure that the content does not fall as a false positive of the spam folder. Our company, EmailpreviewServices, offers an email marketing spam checker to assist your brand by testing your email content before you send it out and let you know if it will fall victim to a false positive of the spam folder.

It’s Time To Get More Personal With Your Audience

After having considered some of the key components of email marketing, it is also important to understand what some of the market trends are. Emails have been around for nearly forty years now, and we have seen a lot of change on that front. Here are a few things to consider as an email marketer today;

• Personalization Of Email Content

Today, consumers are leaving behind a large digital footprint, whether it’s with the products they prefer to purchase or add to their wish list. It could be the products they show interest in by liking or commenting on social media platforms. Whatever it is, it’s important for marketers to make use of these footprints and create content that is specific to the individual needs of their targeted consumers.

This may sound tedious, but research has shown that consumers enjoy exploring content that is more specific to their needs. This is because it feels more relevant to them, and it helps them feel like brands care about what they want.

• Increase in quality over quantity

The future of email marketing is not looking at how many emails you can send out at a time, but the quality of the emails and how consumers are responding to those emails. Email marketing that is in line with today’s market must create emails that are not only informative but also fun and intriguing as well. Whether it is visual stimulation through picture animations and funny stickers or adding humor to what could be a long email, the market is responding positively to marketers who go the extra mile with their emails.

Quality emails also involve finding content that is fresh and relevant, as well as engaging. Collecting data on how to make the email content better or what kind of content your consumers would want is one way of improving engagement. It also serves as an email marketing spam checker by helping you create content that is not generic and spam positive.

The Bottom Line?

Email marketing is here to stay, and it is as important to ensure that you are constantly reviewing your email content, inbox, and designs. We at EmailPreviewServices are working hard to ensure that your brand achieves this using some of the most thought-out email content spam checker tools and industry-standard email marketing spam checker solutions.

Are you an email marketer, email template designer? Or a solo entrepreneur involved in creating and sending email marketing campaigns to your customers and clients? Contact us today to learn how we can help you change how you create and send your marketing campaigns with our highly-versatile tools.

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