Grow Your Audience and Scale Your Business in Lockdown

It is is possible to grow your audience and scale your business even in lockdown. Click here to brainstorm your way to a wider audience.

Do you want to scale your business during the lockdown?

You can feel the impact of the pandemic everywhere you look, from homes to small and large-scale businesses. This prompts most businesses to look for ways to scale their business and reach other audiences. Is it even possible to do this, though?

Yes, it is possible, but you’ll need to invest lots of effort to ensure that you’re successful in pulling this off. With over 30 million businesses in the USA to worry about, it’s essential that you do this to not fall behind.

How can you do this? The cheapest and easiest way to do this is by using email marketing methods. Read on and keep your business relevant by following these steps.

1. Make Your Content Pretty and Relevant

The first and best way to make your business more relevant on the internet is to make the contents of the email prettier. This ensures that whoever you send it to will take their time to take a gander at what you wrote. Doing this also ensures that they’ll get hooked to what you’re trying to do in the first place.

People often dislike reading emails that are generic and sound like they’re written by bots. No matter how basic the email is, if you write it on your own, there’s a better chance that you’ll connect with your audience. A great way to do this is by placing the first name of your recipient on the first line of the email.

If you do this right, their first name will appear in the email’s preview. It will make the email more compelling to open and read. Another great way to do this is by making an amazing effective subject line.

2. Integrate Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to increase the organic visibility of your website. It’s also a great way to increase the potential traffic going into your business. This is because around 3.8 billion people use social media platforms whenever they access the internet. 

Not taking advantage of these platforms means that you’re not tapping into this market. It’s a great waste as these could be people who are looking for your service/product.

A great way to do this is to pay to display ads on the platform. These ads often appear on the user’s feed or on the sides of the website. You can have these ads set up in a way that they lead to a page where they can subscribe to your newsletter.

You can also place ways to integrate social media into your emails. You can do this by adding widgets that lead to different social media platforms. They should lead to your business’s social profile.

Doing this is another way to improve your social media campaign. Having a profile means that customers have somewhere to contact. This is important if people have questions to ask your business.

3. Target and Track Emails That You Send

Do you want to scale your business as soon as possible? A great way to do this is to send emails that are sure to give responses. Targeting your recipients ensures you won’t send emails to others who won’t respond.

A great way to do this is to track analytics to see who searches up keywords on the internet. Look up keywords relevant to your business and send emails to the searcher. Doing this is a surefire way to engage with your audience.

You must also remember that you’ll be bidding for keywords against other people. A first-time small business owner will always have a tough time bidding for search-optimized keywords against larger companies. A good way to go around this issue is to bid on niche keywords.

Doing this makes it easier to get a good keyword to use for your business. You can then use this keyword to mold your emails.

It’s also important that you keep track of your emails and the response they get. Most businesses keep sending emails to people who won’t respond to them.

If you don’t want your business to look like a nuisance, then you must stop sending these people emails. Doing this also saves your business from wasting resources on those won’t engage with you.

4. Employ Software That Help With Lead Generation

You can also use certain software to help you with lead generation. Email campaign management (ECM) tools, offer features that allow your business to thrive. This is all an automated system, too, meaning you need not worry about anything after setting it up.

ECM tools will be in charge of list segmentation and management. This makes it easier for you to update the aforementioned email list above. It also integrates key organization factors like tags and keyword management.

You can also set your ECM to follow protocols that you can use for marketing to grow your audience. These tools can publish drip campaigns that send automated messages to potential customers.

These tools base their message sending through the customer’s recent statuses. This means that there’s a better ROI for every message the tools sends. Auto-responder features also allow you to reach out to customers even if you’re not there.

You can set responses when your tool encounters questions from your customers. You can also use this to engage with your clients whenever they reach out to you.

5. Have a Clear Call to Action

A great way to finish up your emails is to add a clear CTA at the end. The biggest mistake of businesses is that they don’t have one at all on their emails. A clear CTA takes your customers to your website to look up your store or services.

An effective way to do this is to leave your audience wanting more. Dangle a bit of enticing content in front of them. If you do this right, they’ll visit your website out of curiosity.

This is also a great way to scale your online business in the long run. This is because a good CTA will increase the traffic going to your website. It’s another way for you to secure your place in the SERP.

Scale Your Business Today

There’s no need to allow the pandemic to stall your business’s growth. Scale your business with these email marketing tips and your business grow today!

With all the emails you’ll be writing, you should expect a lot of responses coming your way. Here’s how you can answer emails like a professional! Use this to engage with your audience today!

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