An unfortunate tweet almost cost Elon Musk his career, is sending an email just as dangerous?

It sure can be. And in this article, we’d like to tell you how to send your emails without putting your reputation into jeopardy.
We’re living in the digital era where our social interaction, business, professional life is moving rapidly and surely into online space. At this point it looks like the only thing for us to is to embrace this fact and make sure we’re full on guard to avoid damaging our reputation, be it business and personal life.

If you’re a business owner or aspiring to become one you should be equally interested in building up a trustworthy relationship with your existing and potential clients. Email is a huge business mover and if you’re reading this you’re most likely using it to bring your game to the next level.

We will be covering how to avoid 4 common mistakes in our series while emailing your recipients and that may get you into trouble:

Be precise and explicit. What’s very unsettling is getting emails with obscure subject lines from the address you don’t recognize. Even is someone signed up to receive emails from you should in a way remind a person why you’re emailing them. You may have the most exciting things to tell them about, but if they fail to recall who you are chances are they’ll flag your email as spam and getting out of Junk folder will be a much longer and thorny road to take than to get into that.

Give people a chance. Doesn’t it bug you when you’re practically chased into a corner by a sales person who’s insisting you should acquire the item they’re promoting and it’s seems like you don’t have a way out? That’s what’s virtually happening to your recipients if you don’t allow them to unsubscribe from your mailing list. They may have been interested in your letters before, but now probably their priorities have shifted and if you see that they do not open them anymore, don’t read them or god forbid – mark them as spam – it may be for the best if you let them go, as much as it hurts! Or try to find out what DO they want to see and if it’s something you can show them – then it’s a win!

Be concise. We’re all overwhelmed by the amount of information we have to digest nowadays, so we learn to read between the lines to see if there’s anything interesting and important in the message. You risk to lose your recipients’ interest if you don’t cut to the chase in your email before the “above the fold part” ends. If the bait looks delicious a reader can go to your website to learn more.

Preview your email! Imagine your worst nightmare – you have the most amazing email campaign prepared, it looks good to you and you send it out waiting for it to be a hit. But it went out all buggy and though you can still read it, the damage is done. You can’t possibly adjust your email to look equally good on all platforms and in all email clients, but we’d suggest to stick to the most popular and most recent ones to make sure you’re good to go. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you check your content prior to sending an entire campaign and capture a problem before it’s too late. Can’t think of anything of a kind? EmailPreviewServices to the rescue!
Look out for our new article on common email mistakes and how to nail your email strategy

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