Deliver Fast, Personalised Transactional and Bulk Emails: Top SMTP Providers

Fast, Personalised Transactional and Bulk Emails: Top SMTP Providers

In this era of super-quick digital communication, staying in touch means everything. Here are the top SMTP providers for all your bulk email needs.

What if your best marketing tactic meant you had to go “old school?”

Despite all of the marketing innovations of the last decade, e-mail remains the most effective form of communication. But when it comes to sending bulk messages, your communication is only as reliable as your SMTP provider.

Wondering who the top SMTP providers are? Keep reading to discover who can handle any and all of your bulk e-mail needs!


Sendinblue has become one of the most trusted SMTP providers in recent years. And they did it the old-fashioned way: by providing superior service at fair prices.

If you’re a newer business, or just a smaller business, you’ll want to check out their “forever free” plan. This gives a ton of versatility and performance at no real cost, such as you can actually store as many contacts as you want (unlimited contacts) and have them tagged with as many events, attributes, etc. (advanced segmentation feature). And you can also get your own SMTP server for as little as $25 a month.

In terms of performance, Sendinblue boasts a 99% deliverability rate. And it provides a suite of other communications tool that ranges from email and SMS marketing to inbuilt SMTP and live chat. Don’t forget about the other features, including A/B testing, list segmentation, and in-depth analytics.

If you’re looking to get started with an SMTP provider, Sendinblue will definitely treat you right.


For most businesses, the primary concern for their SMPT provider is the price. You want to get reliable service at a solid price. And if you’re looking to save money, Pepipost may be what you’re looking for.

Their free trial is very robust, allowing you to send up to 30,000 e-mails in a 30 day period. After that, you can still send messages for free, but you are limited to 100 messages per day unless you pay a monthly fee to increase the amount.

What we like about Pepipost is that it is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for you to get started. And it scales very easily, so when your small business becomes a big business, you won’t have to worry about changing providers. Thanks to the built-in SPF and DKIM security features, you also don’t have to worry about spoofed messages.

Throw in the fact that Pepipost lets you easily track e-mails and user activity and you have an SMTP provider you won’t soon forget! 

Google SMTP

For better or for worse, Google has become a part of daily life for most of us. And that includes using Gmail. But the good news is that if you already have a Gmail account, you have access to Google’s free SMTP services.

If you’re worried about messages going to someone’s spam folder, using Google SMTP reduces the chance of that happening. And if you run a website using WordPress, you’ll be amazed at how well Google SMTP integrates with WP.

By now, you’re probably asking “what’s the catch” when it comes to this free SMTP provider. The primary catch is that you are limited to 2,000 e-mails per day for standard accounts and 500 e-mails per day for trial accounts. While this is great for individuals and smaller businesses, you’ll eventually want to check out their paid monthly plans to increase the number of messages you can send.


Pop quiz: what kind of learner are you? Many people are visual learners, and it can be tough for these creative minds to craft a good-looking e-mail using standard SMTP providers.

Mailify changes all of this by offering an intuitive “drag and drop” interface. Not only does this make it easier to compose more complex e-mails, but it allows you to effortlessly ensure those e-mail messages look fabulous.

In terms of marketing, Mailify offers a variety of features that may be game-changers for your business. The AI can detect and fix common e-mail errors on the fly while the adjustable template helps make each message absolutely perfect. 

Mailify’s CRM is also intuitive, and the SMS marketing and automation features will completely change how you create campaigns. And this provider’s reports on your different e-mail campaigns can help you improve your marketing approach each and every month.


When an SMTP provider is very new, it tends to make businesses nervous. After all, can you really trust the “new kid on the block?” If you’re looking for reliability, SendPulse is an awesome provider who has been around since 2005.

This has given them time to perfect an “all-in-one” marketing package that includes chatbots, push notifications, and other nice features on top of the bulk email campaign features. And you can customize an array of automation features that will improve every e-mail marketing campaign.

SendPulse also provides a list of important metrics for different campaigns. In other words, this provider will help generate KPIs for your different campaigns. And outside of the campaign, SendPulse integrates quite nicely with Viber and Facebook Messenger, helping you to connect to your customers in a more dynamic way.


The different SMTP providers we have examined have their own strengths and weaknesses. A common weakness is that some providers struggle when it comes to mass mailing large numbers of customers. If you’re looking for a true mass mailing solution, Inboxroad may be what you’re looking for.

They mean business, with a basic plan that starts at 100,000 messages per month. They boast a 99.7% deliverability rate, which is important when you’re sending that many messages out. While this provider is known for being versatile and intuitive, their best feature is its customer service.

When you sign up for an account, you get your own dedicated expert who will provide regular analysis of your account and your marketing. This expert is better than any software solution, and their insight can help you improve everything from customer engagement to open rates for your messages.

The Best SMTP Providers: What Comes Next

Now you know who the best SMTP providers are. But do you know who can help you craft the most persuasive e-mail messages?

We specialize in helping individuals and businesses take their e-mail marketing to the next level. To see what we can do for you, sign up for our free services today!

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