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New Year, New Emails: 2020 Email Marketing Strategies You Haven’t Used Yet

Despite predictions to the contrary a few years ago, email is still big business. Four billion people worldwide use email. By 2021, the amount of business emails sent and received is expected to be more than 319 billion. The question for marketers in 2019 isn’t are you using email, but how are you using email? And if you do, what email marketing strategies do you use.

Email marketing strategies are more sophisticated now, and the following ideas may give your 2019 campaign a big boost.

1. Decide the Purpose of Your Email Campaign

Determining where you’re going will help you figure out how to get there. Are you trying to add new clients? Market a new product to existing customers? The more specific you are, the more relevant your email content will be.

For example, a welcome email is probably effective. 320% more revenue is attributed to a welcome email than any other. And if those potential customers subscribe to your email list, they’re three times as likely to share your content on social media than ones who find you through another channel, like your website.

2. Develop Hyper-Segmented Email Automation Campaigns

It isn’t enough to create a segmented audience for your emails. You need to get even more specific, using prediction data to target your customers at every stage of the sales cycle.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help you uncover relevant information about your target customer. Or, you can give your customers a way to self-select the information they want by choosing the types of email they would like to receive.

The more personal your email is, the higher the engagement rate. “Surprise personalization” is an effective tool. You already know how to email customers on their birthday with a special offer. Take it a step further and include their first name in the body of the email, not just the greeting.

3. Create Interactive Content to Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategies

Interactive content that lives within the email is an effective way to keep your customers engaged. For example, let the customer rate your service by clicking a star (or four!) in the email without having to click through to another site.

That’s especially important for the 50% of people who open your email on their mobile device. It isn’t always easy for them to see and then click that tiny link on their screen. In fact, emails that don’t load or display correctly on mobile may be deleted within three seconds

4. Test Your Email Before You Hit Send

Most email marketing companies offer an email preview tool. Take advantage of this to make sure your email displays properly. Better to fix a wonky format before you send it out. Additionally, email clients will stop supporting certain formats from time to time, and testing your email will catch that. 

5. Use Fluid Email Design

This is a great way to make sure your email displays properly on any size screen. It will automatically adjust the width of the content within your email, so it looks good on a laptop, tablet or phone. These kinds of responsive email designs will ensure your content looks beautiful wherever it’s viewed.

Wrapping It Up 

Finally, use all the data available to you to track the effectiveness of your email marketing strategies. Know your open rate, bounce rate and click-through rate to determine what’s working and what’s not.

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