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Always leave a fantastic impression with these 6 great email farewell message examples!

Experts often lament the dying art of letter writing and while it may be true that for most of us that the physical act of putting pen to paper and sending out letters is about as retro as communication can get, the truth is the art of letter writing
never really died out, it simply evolved with technology and reinvented itself as a far harder art to master – the art of email writing – and we are going to help you with one of the hardest emails to master – the farewell message!

We’ve all been guilty of hammering out text and hitting send without too much thought – electronic devices are the perfect tools to dehumanise the communication experience – but the reality is that we may be doing ourselves an incredible disservice
by forgetting about the person on the other end of the screen who is receiving our emails.

When you start to reintroduce the human element into email communication you begin to realise the immense power our words can hold and how much of an impression – both negative and positive – how we decide to communicate can deliver.

Nowhere is it more important to exercise your email writing skills than in the workplace.

Now imagine if your email was the last impression your colleagues would have of you, the final written memento from your time working together.

The farewell message is incredibly difficult to get right. 

Too flippant and you seem uncaring, too impersonal and you seem cold, too grandiose and you seem overly emotional and insincere.

If your email is too short it can make your coworkers feel like an afterthought or your farewell just another box ticking exercise by you. Too long and it can feel incredibly self centred and narcissistic.

So how should you pitch it?

We’ve put together 6 great examples of the perfect email farewell message that cover a range of situations and will leave your ex co-workers thinking the very best of you and remembering you fondly.

What’s more, we’ve also put together some sample responses so you don’t slip up when responding to a farewell email message from a co-worker.

Farewell Email Message example 1 – The Professional!

Subject: Thank you all for the past 5 amazing years

Hi everyone, 

As most of you know my last day is on Friday.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all of your help and support over the past five years. You have made working here an incredibly rewarding experience that I will never forget.

I know that you will all continue to go on from strength to strength and I wish each of you the very best success for the future.

I’m starting the next chapter of my career at Gotham Designs next month and hope that our professional lives will cross again in the future!

Once again, thank you! 

Selina Kyle

Farewell Email Message example 2 – The Drinks Party!

Subject: Come and say good-bye at The Winchester Tavern


Don’t miss out on the cultural event of the decade – my leaving drinks!!

I’ve spared no expense and reserved not one but two tables at The Winchester from 5pm this Friday.

Come and buy me drinks and tell me how miserable your working life is now going to be without old Shaun to brighten your day!!

To those of you who can’t make it – you’re dead to me!!!!

Just joking – I’m obviously going to miss all of you.

Hope to see all of you there!


Farewell Email Message 3 – The Networker

Subject: Let’s keep in touch

Hi all, 

This is my final week working at Union Broadcasting.

It has been a great experience meeting and working with all of you and I feel like every day I learnt something new. 

Even though I’m moving to a new company I would love to keep in contact with all of you and hopefully we can collaborate professionally again in the future.

Please reply with your contact details or social media links so we can remain in touch.

All of my links are at the bottom of this email!

Here’s to future experiences together!

Max S

Farewell Email Message 4 – The Joker

Subject: I now face my biggest challenge

For a few weeks now I have had only one ambition – to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Now I know this will shock many of you – how can Pete become the Ultimate Fighting Champion, he’s really unfit, is quite small and barely weighs eleven stone plus he’s only ever been in one fight which he lost to his cousin – his female cousin!!!

It’s all about cultivating mass! I’m going on a huge eating and drinking regime where I’m going to get really fat then turn that fat into muscle at some point.

Obviously you can’t really commit to cultivating mass while still working so unfortunately Friday will be my last day.

I know many of you will want to support my journey so as a special treat I thought I would put on a demonstration at Paddy’s Pub this Friday at 5 where I will be cultivating mass with beer and hot wings!

See you all there!

Pete Becker

Farewell Email Message 5 – The Short but Sweet

Subject: It’s been a blast!

Hi all,

Just a quick message to let you know that today is my last day at Globex.

I’ve really enjoyed the last 3 years working here and thank you all and Mr. Scorpio for this opportunity.

Working on Project Acturus was a personal highlight for me and I wish all the guys in development good luck for the future!

Many thanks, 


Farewell Email Message 6 – The One For The Boss

Subject: Thank you for all of your support

Dear Michael, 

I just wanted to take this chance to thank you for your incredible support throughout my time here.

You’ve taken the time to help me improve my skillset while creating a fantastic working environment for all of us here that have really enabled me to grow. 

While I’m sad to be leaving, I feel suitably prepared for whatever challenges I might face in the future because of your guidance and help.

I am privileged to have worked for you and I wish you every success and happiness in the future – you deserve it!

I hope that we can remain in touch in the future. 


Jim H

Obviously all of these emails are positive and not every company you leave will have been a happy experience.

It can be incredibly tempting to go full on scorched earth and compose a devastating attack on everyone and everything associated with a company.

Before you use the nuclear option just remember this – that anger is then preserved forever in that email.

How would future employers’ view you and your professionalism if they ever read it?

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing than risk everything.

Almost as tricky is crafting a response to the farewell email.

It’s hard enough when it is someone with whom you have worked closely and built a strong bond with but almost impossible when it is a colleague who you barely know or worse, someone who you do know and actively dislike.

The advice on this remains the same as for writing your own farewell email – if in doubt or you find yourself faced with replying to a coworker you’re not particularly fond of, keep it short, sweet and professional.

Farewell Email Reply 1 – The personal

Subject: Re: Last day this week!

Oh no! I knew it was coming but forgot it was this week!

I’ve loved working alongside you and the office just won’t be the same without you!

I know you are going to be a huge success over in Dublin!

Just remember us when you become a global superstar!

You’ve got my details so please stay in touch and keep me updated so I can live vicariously through your achievements!!!!

Now – when and where are the leaving drinks????? 

Sophie x

Farewell Email Reply 2 – The HR Approved One

 Subject: Re: Leaving

Dear Jeremy, 

Thank you for all of your efforts while working here at JLB Credit.

We wish you every success in the future and hope your career continues to progress.

Many thanks,

Mark C

Farewell Email Reply 3 – The Short but Sweet

Subject: Re: Leaving drinks

Hi Jerry,

Good luck with everything! Sorry I can’t make the leaving drinks but I’m taking my parents to the airport! 

All the best,


The important thing to remember is to know your audience – what will work for a close friend will not be appropriate for everyone.

Remember, when you click send, your words will last forever, preserved in digital form and ready to come back to haunt you when you least expect it!

Always keep it professional and only write something that you would be happy for your next boss or company HR to read – take those extra moments to reread your message and remember the person on the other end of the screen!

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