Make an Impact: Tips for Creating a Highly-Effective Email Newsletter

Did you know that your customers are five times as likely to see your message in an email than on Facebook?

With the popularity of social media, you might think that you should be focusing all your efforts there, but you’d be wrong. 

An email newsletter is a great way to increase engagement with your company. Keep reading to learn some important tips for creating a high-effective message.

1. Keep It Simple

If you’re wondering how to make an email newsletter, the best advice is to keep it simple. 

Don’t include every detail of your company and its services in an email newsletter. These should be quick newsletters that draw attention from your customers. If the newsletter is successful, customers will click through to your site to find out more information. 

Keeping your content simple is also necessary for email compliance. For compliance, all email newsletters need an opt-out option and your company must honor it. For compliance, you can’t include false or misleading information in your emails. 

2. Be Consistent

Another one of the best newsletter tips is consistency. 

Before you start sending out email newsletters, develop a marketing plan. Choose a topic that your newsletters will focus on and stick to it.

Also, choose a specific time and day of the week to send out your newsletters. Committed customers will get into the habit of reading your newsletters if they know when to expect them. 

3. Use Images and Graphics

The best company newsletters use images and graphics in their email newsletters.

When people see a huge block of text, many of them click away instead of reading. By adding images and graphics to your newsletter, you break up the text and make your newsletter more readable.  

Insert a graphic to show how a certain service works instead of explaining it. Add in a video that explains an event your hosting instead of a lengthy text description. 

If you can’t get away from using text, use headers and bullet points to make the content easy to read. 

4. Always Test

Never send out an email newsletter before running an email test

An email test first makes sure that your newsletter is deliverable. Did you know that even small changes to an emails template can cause it to be undeliverable? Take a few moments to conduct an email test before you waste time and money with an undeliverable email. 

Email tests also give you the ability to review your content for readability and grammar or spelling mistakes. You’ll also get a look at your email’s preview text to see if it will gain customers’ attention. 

Need Help with Your Email Newsletter?

Now that you know how to create a highly-effective email newsletter, it’s time to get in contact with your customers. 

But before you do, take advantage of the services offered by EmailPreviewServices. With their help, you can see email design previews and test emails. Their services can help businesses of all shapes and sizes create effective email content and convert traffic. 

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