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Don’t Skip the Spam Test: Why You Need to Test Your Email Marketing

When you open the inbox on your email, you should be confident that it’s contents are all relevant to you. Unless you signed up on an email list or a part of newsletter group, your email server should automatically detect spam. After giving things a spam test, your email server automatically moves irrelevant emails to a spam folder.

This spam folder might as well be another trash bin. People don’t generally open their spam folders and sift through its contents unless they’re looking for something specific. It’s just assumed that their server understands what’s relevant and what isn’t.

As a marketer, you need to overcome that expectation. It’s your job to convince the server that your email is relevant to the recipient, and that they want to see it. And the first step to do that is to run a spam test.

Keep reading below to learn how to run a spam test on your emails, and why you should always perform one!

The Spam Folder Is Basically The Trash

Spam takes many forms on the internet today. There was once a time when spam was just unsolicited emails trying to sell products. Now, spam can take the form of social media posts, phone calls, text messages, or even appear in chat rooms.

As a result, people have developed a strong sense of when to ignore any potential spam. Whenever something so much as slightly seems like spam, people automatically tune out of it. That means even if your metrics may show you reaching people, you may not actually reach anybody.

Your Email Deserves To Be Seen

Don’t be discouraged by how much people innately ignore spam, though. As long as you put legitimate effort and work into your newsletters and email offers, they deserve to be seen. As a matter of fact, email marketing campaigns are still largely responsible for any campaign’s effectiveness.

Just because it deserves to be seen doesn’t mean any email server will let it into people’s inboxes. You need to put in a little extra work to overcome spam filters, and the first step to doing that is to run a spam test.

Give Your Marketing Email A Spam Test

When you run a spam test, a computer program investigates your email for anything that may set off a spam filter. It investigates some of the technical aspects of your email, to ensure spam filters won’t suspect a virus is attached. It also inspects the email’s contents, to ensure nothing in it appears suspicious.

If the program suspects it’s spam, it will notify you about what set the filter off. That way, you’ll know what you should change to improve your email marketing!

Marketing Depends On Emails Being Delivered

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach people about anything. People spend two and a half hours per day checking their email. They’re on it just as much as social media, if not more. And since email marketing is direct, it’s more effective.

Of course, your email marketing can only affect people if they actually receive your emails. Anything picked up by the spam filter might as well be lost. That’s why it’s so crucial to run a spam test before ever sending anything.

And you want to make sure you only send the best possible marketing materials. You need to see what they look like on different devices as if you sent it to yourself. For that, we’re here. Use our tool to ensure you’re only sending the best possible emails, and that you’re impressing your audience!

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