Get Testy: What to Know About Inbox Placement Testing

Businesses use aggressive email filters to stop 54 billion unsolicited messages daily. Unfortunately, legitimate marketing emails can become collateral damage in the fight. Inbox placement testing can help messages get to the intended recipients. Jack put the finishing touches on his most remarkable email marketing campaign ever. He’d created a glorious landing page and intricate sales funnels. And it […]

Don’t Skip the Spam Test: Why You Need to Test Your Email Marketing

When you open the inbox on your email, you should be confident that it’s contents are all relevant to you. Unless you signed up on an email list or a part of newsletter group, your email server should automatically detect spam. After giving things a spam test, your email server automatically moves irrelevant emails to a […]

Make an Impact: Tips for Creating a Highly-Effective Email Newsletter

Did you know that your customers are five times as likely to see your message in an email than on Facebook? With the popularity of social media, you might think that you should be focusing all your efforts there, but you’d be wrong.  An email newsletter is a great way to increase engagement with your company. Keep […]

Let Data Work For You: Important Email Marketing Metrics You Need to Analyze

When it comes to email marketing, data should drive your decisions. Email marketing metrics like click-through rate, conversion, and bounce rate can tell you what’s working, and what you need to change to strike success. Not comfortable with email marketing analytics, or unsure of what you should even be looking at? In this article, we’re […]

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